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What is a Rafiki?

Rafiki is Swahili for partner or confidant. A Rafiki is an equal who you invite to walk with you on your journey through life because their life experience, wisdom and presence helps you be your best self.


Having regular conversations with a Rafiki can help you:

  • Restore confidence and personal power

  • Reduce feelings of the blues, isolation and loneliness

  • Reduce stress

  • Gain new self-awareness

  • Gain a new perspective on life and relationships

  • Make better choices

  • Solve problems with creative solutions

  • Smile more because you know we're here for you


Meet Our Founding Rafikis

 Have you ever wished you had someone to talk with that knew how to listen and could hold space for your greatness? 


This person did not need to be a licensed therapist. They just needed to be heart-centered, non-judgemental and able to relate. You may not have known it at the time but you were looking for a Rafiki. 


Our Rafikis are diverse with many being from the African Diaspora. They are masters of transformational conversation and join our team specifically to provide the support you need to heal and thrive.


Michael Tucker, M.A

Co-Founder & Rafiki

Text to Schedule Appointment: 602-638-1003 (First Call FREE)

Executive, Life & Family Coach with 13 years of experience in assisting executives, entrepreneurs and individuals in overcoming obstacles to achieve their dreams.

  • Executive & Professional Coaching, University of Texas-Dallas

  • M.A. Human Relations, University of Oklahoma

  • B.S. Retail Management, University of South Carolina


Shon Sims, M.S.

Co-Founder & Rafiki

Text to Schedule Appointment: 912-421-9117 (First Call FREE)

Life & Family Coach with 15 years of experience in assisting families in overcoming challenges and achieving results worthy of them.

  • M.S. Youth, Family & Community Services (Concentration in Family Life Coaching), North Carolina State University

  • B.A. Sociology, University of North Carolina-Charlotte


How It Works

Talk to one of our Rafiki's to discuss family, relationships, goals, dreams or any area of your life when you need to be heard, inspired or presented with a new perspective.

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Start a Chat

Text to schedule a call with a Rafiki.  Together, we will explore the type of  support you need and prepare for your "Rafiki Talk."

Book your"Rafiki Talk"

Your Rafiki will text you a calendar and payment link to book your call (Rafiki Talk).

Show your Love with a Tribute

After your call, add a tribute or gratuity to show your love, especially if you received more than expected during your Rafiki Talk (you will). Tributes help keep our prices low and ensure we attract the best Rafikis.

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"What I like about Rafikinow is the fact that I can  talk to other men like me about real life issues.  They never tell me what to think or how to see the world.  Instead they listen and ask insightful questions that allow me to come to my own conclusions."

Adam, 42